Natastic uses a super ultra light hair extension that not only protects hair but also promotes hair growth. This hair is provided exclusively through Natastic and is currently unavailable for sale.

Yes, they are really that light. Just book an appointment to experience it for yourself!

NOTE: Times may vary based on preferred size and length
Natural Twists: 3-4 hours
Box Braids: 3-5 hours
Marley Twists: 2-3 hours
Retro Twists: 2-4 hours
Mini Natural Twists: 4-6 hours
Mini Retro Twists: 3-5 hours
Kynks: 2-3 hours

1. ALL styles typically last 2-4 months.
2. Depending on your hair type and texture, the length of the duration of your style may vary.
NOTE: We cannot control how your hair frizzes up with any style. Again, some hair types last longer than others. Style duration can also vary based on the way you like your hair; some clients like fresh, new hair while others don’t mind a more worn look.

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Yes, as often you please actually. Just keep in mind that water and humidity are a huge factor in frizz, so using our maintenance kit guidelines will help you keep hair longevity.

Again, yes. Don’t shy away from water. Be carefree and spirited; go ahead and have fun! We do recommend washing afterwards though.